PRONOUNS: He/him/his

MEDIUM OF CHOICE: Colored Pencils and Marker, Photoshop, Johnie Walker Black

We are happy to introduce you to our next featured artist, LUCKY SANFORD.  We first came across his work while putting together volume 1 of our anthology a few years back and his unique style stood out in our tumblr feed (R.I.P.).  His work is heavily influenced by both comic books and fashion, telling us, “As for my perspective, fun is always a crucial element.” In contrast to the subject matter, he lists his inner child as his biggest influence in his art, which provides a playful take on sexy men that brings a smile to your face. I mean, just look at his go-go boy Power Rangers...

The nods to pop culture brings an accessibility to his work, appealing to a broader audience and at the same time, as a queer artist of color, it is important to him to also represent other marginalized groups in his work. “Far too often in both queer and non-queer spaces I see a lack of black and brown faces so creating work that shows the beauty of people who look like me (and don't look like me) is also important.”

Working as a graphic artist by day, Lucky began exploring a more homoerotic side to his personal work almost 8 years ago when he was invited to an erotic drawing group by a friend.  Not long after he won Next Magazine’s comic-con cover contest, which was the first time his erotic art had been published. “I’ll never forget how excited I was running through every gay bar in NYC to grab copies of my winning issue.”

You can find more of his work on his blog at luckysanford.com as well as on his instagram (@luckysanford).  He does do commissions and has prints available for sale directly from his instagram, so feel free to get in touch.  He will also be at the NYC Queer Comic Fair at the end of April, and you can currently find his work hanging in the “Male Gaze” exhibit at the Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art on display until March 31st!